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Business Concepts We Can Learn from ConcernedApe’s Stardew Valley

ConcenedApe, the game developer behind the creation of a popular, progressive country life simulator Stardew Valley, managed to fuse creativity and proper means of management. Stardew Valley has generated a strong following lately due to its casually rewarding nature. Beyond the game, however, are some unique business concepts that can benefit everyone.

If you have extra time to spare, you should check out Stardew Valley. More importantly, you can also analyze its outlying concepts:
Related imageSerious Time Maximization

We all know that time is god and it must be maximized. However, only few people can actually track down their everyday actions and maximize their time. Since Stardew Valley is time-driven, you can get a fair example on how you should lay down your plans. Remember that every move you make will consume a specific chunk of your time. Focus on daily activities that can bring real value.

Image result for improve qualityProduct Outputs Can Be Improved

Whenever you managed to create something, understand that there are many rooms for improvement. This is one of the core sketches of Stardew Valley – one product can be crafted into something better, thus raising its value. In real life, the same manner can be applied. Before creating any product, ask yourself if you can make better versions someday.

Proper Communication is Advantageous

The daily grind may cause you to forego social occasions, thus hindering the way you communicate. Stardew Valley has this same mechanism; each non-playing character in the game can be befriended, married even. As you communicate with the characters, they’ll give valuable things occasionally. The situation applies in real life as well. If you communicate properly, you can gain new projects, incentives, earning opportunities, and even valuable insider tip.

Image result for reward for hard workRewards Await the Hard Worker

A hardworking player in Stardew Valley can reap many in-game rewards and achievements. In real life, especially if you’re following a certain career path, hard work can get you to places. You just need to make sure that your hard work will have great payoffs.

Only few video games in history can make substantial impact – Stardew Valley is one of them. Once you explore the game, do your best to note down all business concepts that can help you someday.